July 21, 2013

Serato Remote and more controllers

The story of how Serato become a household name overnight starts with the idea brought forth by two small time programmers.  Using a DAW, they figured out a way to allow it to control music by way of a vinyl turntable.  The idea could be have been used by producers as an easy way to emulate DJ movements, but ultimately it was decided that it would be used as a DJing tool instead.  That small plug-in was soon mastered into physical sound card that could be used with any computer system without needing an extra DAW to run it on.

After their marriage with Rane into the TTM-57SL, Serato began doing things of their own which included creating software for use with MIDI controller only.  Their DVS has stayed true to their original idea of creating an simple solution that could use control vinyl to manipulate a digital file.  Today you can see just how wide their business has stretched, and not only do they support their software, they have also branched out into selling content for DJs.  Their new Loopmasters content is the next smart avenue to seek in search of a way to increase sales from original customers.