July 21, 2013

Behringer CMD Micro DJ Controller

When a manufacturer decides to introduce a new type of line of controller to their family, they have a few options about how they want to approach a new model.  One option would be to do what Native Instruments does, and create a specific family for each model that they create.  In their case, they have the Z, the X, and the F series of controllers to build – so far they have one model for each family and at least one revision to each of them so far.  We’ve seen the Z2 and then the Z1, while second versions of both the X and even the MASCHINE series have been released and revised.

Behringer did not take the same approach to introducing their new products for sale.  Instead of sticking to one main design, they have chosen to work with many designs at a time.  Their basic box form controller is basically reiterated many times over, while keeping the same five sides of their MIDI controller consistent with each other.  Their latest offering is the “Micro” addition to their series.  I must say that for what it is worth, it look alright.  It has everything you would expect on a controller this size and more.