July 21, 2013

Beatport Top 100 All Sound The Same

Many of the complaints we hear about modern music is how repetitive and unoriginal it all sounds.  Since I am not the biggest electronic music fan, I really cannot provide a good comment on how truthful that statement actually is.  Naturally, any style of music that belongs in the same category as another is going to share elements of that song.  Aside from the songs being remakes of each other, songs that are electronically products share elements like meter and instrumentation.  Electronic instruments are shared and common across all songs, so can we really complain that the first sixteen bars of any song sounds the same?

While the people may often complain of how stale EDM music can get, none are as concerned as the producers themselves.  Many of them would like to try something new, that hasn’t yet been done – but doing so would mean that would also take a great risk of being outside the box.  DJs often get blamed for playing the same songs over and over again, but rarely do they have a choice in the matter.  An undedicated crowd is going to want to hear what they think is EDM music, so the DJ is only a tool.