July 21, 2013

Ableton Live 9 in 9 Minutes

I think that one possible deterrent that prevents people from learning how to use powerful software, is the large learning curve that users have to go through.  Many of these programs are not meant to blaze away at – you actually have to sit down and learn what each function does.  Another thing that makes this hard are the differences between different types of computer programs.  In one DAW a mouse scroll in or out may actually zoom the piece of audio that you are looking at.  In another program it might behave differently.  That is only a small example of how difficult it can be to learn a software.

Some who are savvy, will watch YouTube videos that teach you how to do certain techniques, and the smart ones will actually watch live performances in order to figure out what they are doing.  When I see a video out that claims to teach you something in only ten or twenty minutes I would be skeptical.  I don’t believe that it would be possible is twenty days to learn the ins and outs of a music production program.  Most of us will have a long trial and error process where we learn how the software works over a longer period of time.