July 21, 2013

KMI QuNeo, Now With ‘iPad Mode’

The QuNeo has been out for a relatively long period of time now, and since then I’ve have seen performance videos showcasing the many different uses of the controller.  Some of the more unique videos showcased a person using it as the actual instrument itself.  Sometimes they would use three or four of them at a time and use it as if it was a homemade analog instrument.  Since the QuNeo was finally produced, Keith McMillen has also been working on a range of other products, mainly the QuNexus.  The QuNexus sort of picks up where the QuNeo left off, but this time was arranged to look more like a piano keyboard, than a range of buttons and knobs.

There has also been work done to the device that allows it to on an iPad, without any additional wires or cables.  This means that the QuNeo can essentially be powered by and send signals to the same iPad it is connected to.  One thing that had to be worked on was the amount of power the tablet can actually send to the device.  This is rather important since the QuNeo uses control voltages in order to register the accurate attack of a pressed note.