July 21, 2013

AudioShare Audio Document Manager

Some of the better uses of software and apps come down to connecting other existing applications together.  This was the basis behind inter-app audio to exist on the iOS.  It was something that was genuinely needed and independent developers decided to go it alone.  Fortunately they were successful and Apple even took a liking to their work.  The trouble is, that before you get the chance to work with Apple, sometimes you find yourself working against them.  Apple is very picky about the apps they endorse for their hardware, so being able to create something with their permission is like a blessing.

For the rest of us who do not have any programming skills, we are always on a search to make our operating systems more customizable.  The trouble is that with most files in iOS, you aren’t allows direct access to them for manipulation.  You have to access them through some sort of utility or program.  One such program is known as AudioShare.  Like the name suggests, it lets you play with your audio files, all from one app.  You can take a file and export it into your Soundcloud account, and you can even import and export it from one location.