July 21, 2013

Turns Your iPad Into A Realtime Vocal Effects Processor

An effects processor is not something a lot of DJs will have in their arsenal, at least not in the same form that would exist in the studio.  A DJ would rather make use of a smaller FX unit, like the kp3 – or perhaps they might find a guitar FX pedal more suited to their needs.  In the studio and live word, effect processors need to be powerful enough to handle a lot of audio, and therefore they are also larger than what we would see in a DJ’s booth.  Most of the time, these come in rack form, which are meant to be mounted to something.

There is also another use for FX processors, which are sometimes used by singers.  They may use it to take a microphone signal and convert that in real time to another voice.  When doing this they are essentially creating a two voice harmony with only one real voice.  A rack mounted unit might be overkill here, and since a singer doesn’t use his or her hands – they can use them to control a tablet instead.  A portable FX processor based on the iPad actually sounds like a good alternative to any other unit in this scenario.