July 23, 2013

Gaslamp Killer Recounts a Recent Near-Death Experience

We hear about and read articles all the time about musicians who have someone injured or hurt themselves.  For the most part these injuries are their own faults.  I don’t mean to seem macabre – but the struggle through an unhealthy and drug filled lifestyle is not the story that magazine want to reproduce.  They’d rather hear of the fatal accidents and overdoses that these artists eventually die of.  Today, this is not the case.  Artists are known to travel a lot, and that is why a disproportional number of musicians have died in some type of plane crash or auto accident.  They simply put themselves are more risk than the average person.

I’ve heard of some strange things, like a bus being knocked over on its side – sending the entire band flying around the bus.  I’ve also heard of things like an artist getting pulled over and arrested for drug possession or some random law that only exists in a county that they are passing through.  For Gaslamp Killer, his accident was self induced but it could have been pretty severe.  While riding his scooter he crash, and caused enough damage to warrant his spleen being removed.  It was a close call for this guy.