July 23, 2013

Music Tech Step Forward With Headphones & Snowcones

The job of a sound engineer in the studio is to work a track so that it sounds good on any audio system.  This means that the guys with the 100 thousand dollar audio systems should be able to listen to a track in great detail, while the guys with the iPod headphones should also be able to hear each element of the song.  It is not an easy task trying to figure out how audio should sound for everyone on the planet who listens to music.  While trying to master an audio track can be time consuming, you DO have the nice feature of having time and a production setting to work on all of this.  There is no need to get worked up under pressure.

Now, if you are an engineer who has to master live audio on the fly, you job can be much more difficult.  The band’s instruments could vary enough to make this job harder, and the audience members on each side of the field have to deal with variances in sound, based on travel.  One brilliant person thought of giving out high quality headphones before a show, so that everyone can experience the exact same sound.