July 23, 2013

10 Do’s So You Don’t Fall Into The Tour Blues

Why do kids want to grow up to become rockstars?  Is it because they want to be known as talented musicians to the rest of the world?  Or perhaps it is more about the notoriety and lifestyle than the music at all.  If you look at celebrities these days, many of them do not have any talent at all – they are simply admired because of the way they live their lives and who they know.  I think the image of the rockstar is one that exists only as a fantasy.  In our heads, these guys never have a real day at the job – they simply get to play music, party and entertain women.

In reality, a touring artist has a lot to worry about.  They have to worry about being ready for each show, which could only be a day way but with thousands of miles in between.  They also have to worry about safe transportation as well as making it on time.  Of all the worries they need to deal with, they should not forget about health.  Simple things like getting a good night’s sleep and eating the right food can make a world of a difference when you’re out every night.