July 23, 2013

5 Worst Pieces Of Social Media Advice Musicians Should Ignore

Two schools of thought are what divide celebrities and artists who try to make good use of social media.  Let’s face it, there are too many networks out there and it would be impossible to be a part of every website that offers social media networking.  Even just being part of the two big social media services can wear down on your personal time.  If you have something short to say and you say it on Twitter, does it really serve you best to reiterate the same things on Facebook and Soundcloud at the same time?  The first myth of social media is that you need to branch out to the sides – you don’t.

Being part of every social media website is nothing more than a waste of time.  If you were to analyze benefits and costs, you would find that it costs you more in time for such a small result.  Posting everyday is also something that is not warranted, even though it sounds like a solid plan.  Really, it is more about posting pertinent facts and useful information rather than a large quantity of useless dribble.  Also, being personal (meaning you do the work yourself), often has better results.