DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
May 25, 2011

DJ Life And Timeslots: Danny M Takes The NS6 To The Streets

It’s good in Atlanta, especially for the busiest DJ in town, Danny M.  We invited Danny to the studio to test drive the yet unreleased Numark NS6 DJ Controller.  We captured some footage of his in-studio session, and then he brought it out to the Koo Koo Room in midtown ATL for one of his many prime time gigs.

Danny M is one of the most sought after DJs in Atlanta.  His background is from the underground dance music scene. His meticulous, technical style of mixing allows him to be very versatile in the more mainstream high energy nightclubs throughout the city. It is easy to become a fan after watching him work the crowd, create live remixes, while dancing in and out of musical genres effortlessly. All the while keeping a Moscow Mule close for good measure.  Danny M is a DJ’s DJ and a true professional who always brings the heat, always.

Check out the video and stay tuned for more special guest features soon.  Happy gigs!

Video Transcript:

I’m Danny M. I’ve been DJ for about 10 years now.
My set up is pretty normal, two turntables usually, Rane mixer from Serato, attach an EFX 1000 to that.
So many controllers are coming out right now that people are thinking, it’s a better idea, a better idea.
With all the ideas being piled on top of each other, it’s a no brainer to start maybe having a controller in your arsenal. This is the first controller that I’ve ever played around with, and the effects are probably one of my more favorite things on this controller.
There’s a lot of effects, that’s very cumbersome if you’re trying to deal with them in Serato with an SL-1 or an SL-3, you just don’t even bother with them because there are so many different keystrokes you use to make them work.
With this just, knob select in depth, parameter, minimum, maximum, you’re in and out of them pretty quick, there’s a lot of different features that make this software come to life with all of these different controls on here.
There are some weird events that we’re always part of where, we might be on a boat or we might be in the corner of an oddly shaped room, and this is a great option just, boom! Go for it you don’t have all sorts of different controllers hooked up to it either, you just have one box that has all sorts of capabilities on here.