July 23, 2013

Ultimate Guide to Band Merchandise

Merchandising can be a great avenue to make money off it, as long as you have some strong roots planted that makes that merchandise valuable.  When the first Star Wars movies were produced decades ago, George Lucas attempted to create something visually stunning, but with a limited budget.  It cost a lot of money to make a movie of that scale, so he had to figure out a good financial plan.  His idea was to let the production team soak up all of the profits from movie ticket sales – he only had his hand on the merchandise.  As it turns out, the merchandise was just as profitable as the movie.

So you can see that even when the film or song is over, the demand for merchandise, gear, and other products continues to grow.  It gets to a point where the brands or logos have cultural significance rather than just being fan gear.  If you are a band or an artist who has a name – it is time to look at gear and clothing.  At the smallest end, stickers and clothing are a good place to start.  Once you get the hang of that you can move on to bigger things.