July 23, 2013

The 3 Pillars Of Music Fan Engagement

I think the average Youtuber posts only a small amount of videos, and none of them are in great detail.  Sometimes these videos are completely unedited, and the user uses the service as a bank for their footage.  Some, who have been shooting in their earlier lives, are smart enough to do some basic editing to the video, like trimming off the beginning and ends.  Besides these folk, there are the hardcore YouTubers who are basically trying to make a career out of their hobby.  These are the guys with the best gear and the most creative material that just seems to flow out every week.  After a couple years of posting videos, there is no doubt that they have become semi-professionals in the industry.

While they may have never taken any explicit classes on cinematography, they have learned some hard and fast rules in the process.  First off, no amount of editing and special effects can make up for poor content.  And even when you have a good plot for your videos, it isn’t going to help you when you run out of materials and ideas for your shots.  They need to have some sort of consistency and they need to be sustainable.