July 23, 2013

The Music Tech Graveyard

Investing in a tech startup or online company is a risky venture.  There are no guarantees that the final product will be successful, and the odds of it becoming a household name overnight are slim.  There are no more Facebooks left to be built, and the only real development from the brains of professional hackers comes in the form of media outlets.  Media, which includes song files and pictures, is the last area open for domination.  So far, there has been no clear winner.  The big streaming services might offer music for a small price, but they each have a special way that they work that is unique to them.

Pandora and Spotify both have different price schemes and different resources as well.  For every one company that is easy to remember, there are at least ten of them that are easy to forget.  Nobody ever hears about the tech startups that came to be and failed in the blink of an eye.  Sadly, they are out there, and their gravestones serve as warnings for anyone who thinks they want they can just step into the ring without taking some risks.  Who knows, maybe Pandora won’t be around in 10 years.