July 23, 2013

Music Think Tank’s Natalie Cheng

A hardworking female intern in the music industry briefly shares the devices and techniques she uses to listen to music.  She is like many of us, who have more than one device that is capable of listening to music.  Even in this modern age, she still listens to radio or CD in the car for short trips.  As strange as it sounds, trying to plug in your mobile music player or your phone can sort of be a hassle.  It is easier just to browse the local radio stations and hope you come up with something good.  As far as stations go, she gets tired of the ones who play the same songs over and over (pop stations) – so she has her favorite alternative stations on her list.

She is then asked how she discovers new music, which seems to be a good question to ask anybody.  Basically, she uses a combination of discovery methods to find music.  Shazam has been pretty good for generating new music playlists on the fly, and sometimes it also helps her to read other people’s blogs when they mention their listening preferences.  While she works in the music industry, her listening habits aren’t very different from anyone else’s.