July 23, 2013

2013 Polaris Music Prize

Whenever I watch the trailer for a new movie that is coming out, I’m confused about what the narrator is trying to tell me.  I hear blanket statements like, “The best movie of the summer!” or “Nominated for 4 golden globe awards!”  I’m not really sure what to make out of statements like that – but what confuses me even more is what award means what in the entertainment industry.  I’ve heard of the Academy Awards, the Guild Actors Award, and of course the Golden Globe.  What does it all mean?  For those who don’t know, these award shows were each created by different people, which means they have different meanings.

One award show might be judged by a panel of qualified judges, while another allows actors to vote amongst themselves.  I also believe that there is an awards show that allows the fans and audiences to cast their votes for the award winners.  In music, there are award shows – but not as many as you usually see for movies and television.  There are actually a few smaller award ceremonies, but rarely do they gather enough attention to be televised.  These happen within each country as well as across the world.