July 25, 2013

Magma Digi-Control Backpack XL Review

When a new MIDI controller is designed for DJ and producer use, there is actually more thought that goes into its form that you could even begin to imagine.  There is no hard and fast rule about what qualifies as a portable controller, but each company seems to share the same ideas about how they should be sized.  Anything that is deemed a laptop controller doesn’t seem to have a diagonal size of anything more than 15 inches.  Once you step up to a decent sized controller, perhaps an all in one unit, then the sizing of it needs to be carefully thought out.

A controller like the Numark NS7 is portable, but hardly the definition of portable that most of us are thinking of.  Sure, it is many times smaller and lighter than a coffin that houses two turntables and a mixer, but it is not something you can carry around in one hand or on your back for that matter.  A true portable controller should be able to squeeze into a slightly oversized backpack.  Gear makers know there is a limit to what you can pack, so when they find the right tradeoff between size and functionality, it usually sides with the size.