July 26, 2013

Point Blank Pioneer DJ skills

There is so much talk about controller A or controller B that we forget that we don’t need computers to play music or even DJ in front of a crowd.  We are stuck on this idea that with a computer we have access to all the music in the world – but we forget that music is no good to a DJ if you don’t know the songs inside and out.  The art of DJing begins with the art listening.  DJs used to buy a vinyl record, bring it home, and actually listen to it over and over.  Even if the song is brand new to them – they can still learn about its structure and its sound.  Having thousands of songs ready for you in one second is nice, but not knowing the song doesn’t help your cause.

For this reason and many others, I don’t see DJs just throwing away their CDJs and switching to the laptop solution.  A CDJ may have a smaller capacity to hold and retrieve music, but the fact that it takes longer to find a song can be a good thing.  Your choices are more thought out and deliberate, meaning that you have already screened the songs in your mind.