July 26, 2013

Gorgeous Beats from Philly’s NO SIR E,

If you had to choose between creating a set that was entirely programmed and having some freedom to make changes during your set, which one would you choose?  DJs who spend time planning out and testing new sets of music know that no matter how well they program their sets, there comes a time when you will simply have to improvise.  What commonly happens is that a DJ will have a good set of 3 or 4 songs, but by that 4th song the energy has gotten stale.  The crowd is not responding and the interest seems to be lost.  At this point a DJ will have to interrupt their set with something more creative and something more original.

Are producers capable of having the same sort of freedom?  In terms of what they are “able” to do, the producer actually has much more flexibility in choosing which sample is played when – but the producer is also less likely to improvise such a set, since there are more chances that they might need that sample later on.  To combat this, they can depend on the layouts of their hardware to keep them organized.  A large monome works best when you have almost a hundred samples to rock.