DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
May 25, 2011

Numark NS6 Overview

We unveiled this much anticipated controller with Mike Hoska at the Winter Music Conference in Miami earlier this year and we were very excited to test it out ourselves.  The NS6 will arguably be the best selling Serato Itch controller this year.  I’ve had more questions asked to me about this controller than any other controller we have in stock put together.  Why?  It’s quite simple.

The Numark NS6 is:

  • A 4 Deck Serato Itch controller with a versatile layout
  • A 4 channel metal chassis stand alone DJ mixer
  • A turntablist’s dream with ultra sensitive, highly accurate, weighted jog wheels
  • A remixer’s dream with 12 high quality effects and 5 responsive hot cues
  • A 24-bit audio interface with balanced XLR outputs and dedicated booth outputs
  • Priced under $1000

We know there are many questions yet to come about this amazing controller especially after it’s release in June.  Please feel free to fire away any questions that you may have in our comments, but for now check out our video overview and stay tuned for more content coming soon.  Happy gigs!

Video Transcript:

Hey what’s going on? This is Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip, here with and today we’re going to do a review of the long anticipated Numark DJ controller the NS6.
This is going to come with Serato Itch specifically for the Numark NS6. That’s going to give us four deck controls.
So, we just took it out of the box, it’s very, very solid, it’s got a metal chassis, the jog wheels have a real good construction with a metal feeling, it’s got the rotational LEDs, the platter is very sensitive. It really responds well to the cut, all your cuts are well defined, super accurate jog wheels.
You’ve got a good transport section, you’ve got your sync button here, very convenient, especially if you’re running four decks.
You’ve got two different ways in the loops section that you can control it manually, in and out, or you can do it like I use it in auto mode.
This means I can hit one button to use 8 measures, then I can split that in half or double it in the loop control section over here. Also very cool, is the loop shift section over here, I can actually set that loop, and 8 measure loop, I can shift that all the way down to the breakdown, so it’s automatically going to enable the loop when it comes to that section within the track.
My effects, all the controls for that are going to be at the very top, I’ve got twelve high quality effects within Serato Itch. I’ve got one knob to select it, scroll through it, hit that knob.
Then I’ve got the other Parameter knob right here. Now the amount of effects is controlled with this fader knob right here. That’s really nice too, you can get really dynamic using two effects on your track.
The new Numark NS6 browse has back and forward buttons, I can prepare my crates in here, I can go to peparation, I can even go through the files with the touch of a button and then scroll through, go back, go forward, A, B, load it into deck 1, 2, 3, 4, really quickly.
The strip search, the strip search is this little touch sensitive strip that allows you to go through your track without having to wind the jog wheel back and forth, really convenient.
I need the end, I need the middle, boom! I’m right there. What I love the most about the NS6 controller is that it can be used as a stand alone mixer. I’ve got balanced outs, I’ve got an RCA out, I also have a booth out and a zone out.
I’ve got multiple inputs on the front so I can select one of four channels to be either on my laptop or I can have an analog so I can put two turntables or CDJs on here feasibly, and I could run that if my software goes down, or anything else goes down, I can keep the show going by using a stand alone mixer.
I’ve got control of all of my curves from the crossfader. Fader start right on the front here, and also my headphone controls right here as well. All in all a great controller, it’s got award winning Serato Itch software and it’s truly built for speed, you guys are going to love it.
Highly anticipated Numark NS6, if you have any other questions about it, feel free to leave me a comment. Look out for some more cool demos coming out soon. And as always, be you, be unique, at