July 26, 2013

Do Musicians Need To Interact With Their Fans?

I think that part of the appeal of wanting to become a popular music artist, is that there is an air of superiority that just comes with the title.  If you are out and about and getting things done, it is alright to ignore your fans or turn down autograph requests because at some level, you are more important than your fans.  Fans know this as well.  There are thousands of people who like the same artist, but there is only one artist.  So when they get up on their pedestal and act high and mighty – it almost adds to their exclusiveness and their start power.

While the idea of the busy artist who never has time for his fans is ideal and romantic, that structure is being challenged by the way fans receive their music these days.  It has become quite clear that the number of music makers out there is growing at an exponential rate.  Listeners have more to choose from and they do not have to deal with exclusiveness anymore.  Basically, if you choose to ignore your fans as an act of power, they might simply choose to listen to an artist who is more accessible.