July 26, 2013

Sell Tab Notation Of Your Songs Via Soundslice’s Pitch Perfect

Even the most stubborn producer out there can understand why sampling is a big deal.  Sampling allows a producer to create music without the need for professional musicians.  They are able to finalize a track without actually having any experience playing a particular musical instrument.  It is also a big deal because they can essentially profit from another persons’ work.  That statement sounds pretty negative, but it really depends on how your approach the idea of using material that isn’t yours.  On one hand you might be profiting from another person’s hard work, but then you should also consider the fact that you have artistically used something from them and you are giving them the credit.

Guitarists have long since had to deal with intellectual property problems, and it is evident with guitar tabs.  A guitarist can sit down an reconstruct the actual manuscript for a guitar riff or lick – but once those are posted online, the owner has the right to shut them down.  They see the deconstruction of music to be a form of theft.  Ironically, most of those who use these guitar tabs never use them for commercial profit – and it is the producers who have an easier time using other musical work.