July 26, 2013

The Paradox of Music: Why More Is Less

In America, there is a celebrated idea that we are free to choose what we want.  We are free to choose who we pray to, what we eat, and what we listen to.  The idea of not having a choice is perhaps the worst idea out there.  We want to be able to pick out what we eat at dinner, and we want to be able to choose not to eat something if we don’t want.  It should be safe to say that we are a better people now that we can choose just about anything, right?  The problem is that having too much choice can be paralyzing in the right scenario.

The choices that we are given in music is a direct example of how too much of something good can go wrong.  Let’s start by realizing how many music artists there are out there.  I bet we couldn’t listen to all the music in one genre if we lived to be 100 and listen to music non-stop.  Right there, we know we are going to be limited.  We know that we may never be able to find that perfect song.  Knowing that we will fail in this aspect is a reason to not even try at all.