July 26, 2013

Creating Theater Around Your Music

Do you remember when gaming was something only computer nerds were involved in?  Who would want to be called a nerd while being banished to that category for the rest of your life?  Modern gamers do not exist in this small subset of nerds – modern gamers are all of us and any of us.  The appeal of a video game goes beyond the act of using a computer.  A good game combines everything including strategy, gameplay, visuals, sound, and a good story.  In a way, a computer game is the culmination of all of the arts and sciences that exist around us.

When we play these games we are fully immersed in them and we fail to look at a game as a sum of its parts, but rather a whole object.  Musicians who understand the need for music in all forms of media, may serve themselves better by expanding their horizons.  Their musical talent could be used in theatre or in drama, where live music is often needed.  There are those who still see theatre as sort of this nerdy offshoot of the drama club – but once you also consider that there are jobs in this field, you may have to put your money where your mouth is.