July 26, 2013

A Year Later, Artist Have No Voice

At the heart of any sort of business there is a bottom line and a motto that speaks for everyone.  They are in it to make money – not to lose money.  Even a non-profit has a bottom line that needs to be met, and decisions will be made with regard to finances before anything else.  The music industry is the same.  Any sort of technological advancement or new idea is created with the thought that it will somehow be profitable.  When it comes to music gear, this idea is not so bad.  The DJs and producers want something new and innovative so that they can enjoy their music or at least spin it in a different way.  Controller companies will take a stab at offering something new, and if it works out then it works out well.

Music companies who are in it for the money often do not need to care about their customers as much.  They can promote themselves however they want and even sign artists that do not seem profitable at first – but rest assured, it is all part of a larger plan.  Once that record label figured out that they will be paid more for promoting artist A, they will do it – even if it kills their fan base in the process.