July 29, 2013

3 Key Lessons Based On Eye Tracking Studies

Marketing is more of a science than an art these days, and there are tried and true formulas that seem to have better results than the rest.  Marketing may seem like something that is reserved for businesses, but even the average person who wants to list some of their information online will benefit from small psychological tricks of the trade.  First off, how do researchers and scientists find ways to figure out how we browse?  They use eye tracking devices.  An eye tracking device simply watches the eyes as it looks at a webpage, and tracks the lighting fast movements of our eye twitches.  It sound like something out of a science fiction movie – but the effect of knowing what we look at is very powerful.

Studies have shown that we like to view our text on the left side of the page.  This is naturally understandable since it is how we are taught to read.  We start on the left and we even start books on the left side.  Visual ads are better left to the right sides of our screens.  Also, people spend less time reading emails than browsing web pages, so care has to be taken to offset our short attention spans.