July 29, 2013

Grooveshark Added To Google Search Blacklist

Streaming music services do their best to deliver the music that audiences want to hear, while keep the legal teams happily at bay.  They do this by asking for permission to speak, and when they reach a hitch in the road, there is nothing like a little cash injection to keep the labels satiated.  Like most problems, a little bit of money thrown at it seems to solve things.  Pandora and Spotify do not have a problem engaging their customers and providing them with content, they only have a problem when certain authors or labels feel like they aren’t getting their fair share.

Other streaming services work for the customers first, ignoring the rules of the system when they can.  This allows them to bypass silly laws and regulations in favor of winning over the user’s respect.  The only flipside is that they will eventually be hit with lawsuits once the smoke clears and companies begin fighting for their rights.  Grooveshark is one of the major offenders out there, but they also have a large following which makes them hard to just snub out.  In recent news, they landed on Google’s blacklist when searching song, per the request of the RIAA.