July 29, 2013

KPop Stars To Tour Globally Via Holograms

Holograms, no matter how well built and technically relevant they are, will be hard to sell to American audiences.  These are the types of things that are reserved for movies and theme parks right?  Who would want to pay money to go see a concert of where nothing is on stage except a virtual representation of an artist?  It has been tried before in small amounts; Tupac was a digitally created hologram that appeared on stage with Snoop Dogg.  Was it successful?  It depends on how you qualify success.  Some of the fans thought it was gimmicky, and few fans were actually swayed by it past anything but a novelty factor.

Just because it doesn’t work here, doesn’t mean it cannot work somewhere else.  Creating a hologram of a rapper is one thing, but when your audiences consist of teens and kids, your chances of a warm reception are much better.  This is what one South Korean entertainment did for a rising pop act.  They recreated the entire group digitally, where they performed on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans.  The technology certainly is not the limiting factor here, only how the fans respond to such a change in performance.