July 30, 2013

2013 Sees America Ship In Overseas Talent

Do Americans prefer to listen to artists that hail from America, or do they like to hear music outside of their own country?  When people talk about artists in general, they don’t seem to make an emphasis on where they are from – because to a listener this type of stuff should not matter.  What does matter is how well they perform and what type of music they are good at making.  Most of the rap music we hear is born right here at home, but that doesn’t discount that fact that there are plenty of British and non-American rappers who also have something to say.

Electronic music is really up in the air these days.  However, it is still safe to say that most of what is being produced is not produced here at home.  France, Germany, and the UK all have their own way of interpreting electronic music, and the results are painfully clear when you see which EDM artists tour the most.  In movie making, we are beginning to see many British and non-American actors taking on a lot of roles here in the United States.  In any form of media there is room to swap actors and artists from one country to another.