August 1, 2013

Technics SL-700 turntable in the wild!

I saw a picture of these the other day and I really didn’t know what to think.  Just by glancing at them, they seem to look like another NS7 or platter MIDI controller, but when you look closer you can see that there is something strange going on.  These look exactly like Technics 1200’s, right down to the pitch bend and the key lock – but the platter itself looks tiny.  What is going on here?  Make no mistakes, these are real.  These are not photo-shopped and they are not some kind of faceplate for another controller.  The idea behind this creation starts many years ago, but it wasn’t until some engineers from Technics, who joined Stokyo, that these would ever come to life.

They are, in every way, functioning turntables.  If you start with a regular Technics 1200 and shrink down the actual body of the unit, you can shave off enough space to reuse the tonearm base and pitch control.  It is only the platter that has been shrunk, and if you look at the picture close enough you can see how large the pitch control is in relation to it.  These are currently not for sale and only exist as a one off creation.