August 1, 2013

2013 DMC US Finals DJ Battle

The United States DMC battles are finally coming to a conclusion, where the final winners will be sent on their way to battle at the DMC’s in London, England.  The contestants who have made it this far are no strangers to competition – and many of the perspective winners of each regional competition have been in the battle before.  One of the notable DJs who is up for battle at the finals is DJ Traps from Northern California.  He was the one responsible for the latest group of Serato videos, and there is a lot of pressure riding on him to produce results.

Another notable DJ is of course DJ Etronik.  You might not even know who the guy is, since he tends to be a low profile DJ who doesn’t carry himself with too much swagger – but do not let this confuse the idea that he is not talented.  He is.  Etronik is sponsored by American Audio, and you might have even seen his name etched on the side of headphones that are being produce under his name.  Some of these DJs are in this to win it – but they are in it on their own.  Others have outside help.