August 1, 2013

Top 100 DJ Poll Ads

One unfortunate thing that exists among DJs in the world is a rating.  Somehow, a group of people are able to sit down and classify a DJs worth based on the amount of people who know his or her name.  Somehow, they are able to give something that is only a quality a quantifiable number.  The very idea that DJs can be ranked on a scale that is chosen by regular people is appalling, and it is one of the reasons why talented DJs are turned off from this hobby.  There is too much brand love and bandwagoning; there is not enough diversity and controversy.

How does one judge a DJ and compare him or her to another DJ?  Obviously they cannot simply choose them by the music that they select – that music isn’t their own.  Surely it must come down to technique and creativity right?  You would be wrong again.  Unfortunately, the standards by which a DJ is judge today is not so rigid.  They can be the least technically talented but the most crowd favorite – and still win a contest.  They could even be the best at getting people to vote for them online; and this is still somehow an acceptable way of voting.