August 1, 2013

Video to Audio and Back with PixiVisor

In digital music creation, there is a lot that can be easily understood through common sense and experience – yet there are facets that seem miraculous and impossible to understand.  Before we delve into music, let us consider things that exist in the physical world that we can detect.  We can detect if it is hot or cold outside, even though we cannot actually see the air that is touching our bodies.  We can watch ice melt into water, and then watch the water evaporate into vapor.  This process does not need very much explaining.  But what about when a solid, like ice, turns directly into vapor?  This is a process that actually skips the liquid stage because of its chemical composition.

This is harder to understand because it doesn’t follow the arrow of time that we are used to.  This is sort of what PixiVisor does with audio and video.  We understand audio and video as complements to each other.  Sometimes video will contain audio, which adds information to what we are experiencing – but how can audio become video?  How can video become audio?  Apparently there is a way to do this, and one developer has figured it out for us.