August 1, 2013

VSTs Into An Effects Pedal

In just the past years there have been a few innovations produced that are meant to be stepped on during usage.  No, I am not talking about one of those controllers that you would rather stomp on and then throw away; I’m talking about a controller that was actually designed to be stepped on – a foot pedal.  In any sort of live performance there are body parts that need to be in use while others are not.  Singers use their mouths, but have their hands free.  Drummers use their hands and feet but have their mouths free.  Then there are guitarists and DJs, who use their hands but keep their feet free.

The foot is not as accurate as the hand, but so long as any gesture is simple it can be done using a foot instead.  A great idea has risen to the surface.  Instead of being stuck with many different guitar pedals, each for a separate effect, why not allow that pedal to be programmed?  In fact, let’s make the programming part simple – to where anyone could program it without knowledge of programming languages.  This is what they have done.  Allowing the pedal to work through Ableton means that you can simply drag and drop whatever you need.