August 1, 2013

Monster Modular Synth Meets Four Sub Phatty Synths

I think that only a few of us in the world will ever have the chance to see the madness that goes on when a modular synthesizer is used to create live music.  There is nothing about the unit that tells you, “This device produces music”.  You look at one of these large patch bays and think that it is either used for connecting telephone lines to each other, or that it is used to somehow communicate with satellites.  I seriously doubt you could actually tinker with one of these instruments and figure it all out from just toying around with it.  Most videos of these modular synths aren’t very fun to watch – but this one is different.  The man actually explains what he is doing.

Surprisingly, there is a lot of work that goes into just creating a simple beat that continues to loop as it plays.  But this is sort of the magic of how these systems work.  They start with basic ideas; sound being transferred from one part of the machine to another.  Along the way, that sound is transformed and routed through a series of different patches.  From this we can derive some of the most basic and complex sounds imaginable.