August 1, 2013

djay 2 Brings New UI

Many years ago, when app developers wanted to create a program, they knew full well what operating systems it would be ran on.  Businesses had their own software and operating systems that helped them run their businesses, so software would be developed for that specific OS.  Consumer operating systems weren’t actually integrated into business systems until their full potential was realized.  Today, some of the biggest professional companies will do the bulk of their work using OSX or even Windows instead.  It allows user to be as simple or as complicated as they want, and it is also what their customers will use as well.

The problem today is not that these operating systems aren’t powerful enough to run apps and programs; they are plenty powerful in fact.  The issue is that they are constantly being updated.  Operating systems are released in a matter of months and years, instead of decades like they used to be.  App developers find themselves in a hard situation.  They can either improve their app to work with both new and old systems, or they can only focus on what is new and fast.  Many choose the second option because it affords them more performance.