August 1, 2013

MIDImorphosis Converts Audio To MIDI

A DJ’s understanding of why MIDI is useful is in fact very basic and unfounded.  To a DJ, a MIDI command is nothing more than an assignment that a button gets to do a specific task. Most of what we use MIDI for involved controlling something that is turned on or off.  Sometimes that MIDI command can be more specific, like when you press and hold a note, or when a rotary is used to change the magnitude of that function.  But for a DJ who uses it in their gig that is about as far as it needs to go.  For a musician who performs with a MIDI instrument, their understanding of what it does might be different.

For them, it is not simply turning a function on or off like a power switch – they are actually creating a scale of notes using digital and electronic information.  They are taking music and representing it digitally through a system that allows one to be converted to the other.  What if we could do this the most organic way possible?  It is a possibility.  MIDImorphosis allows any analog input to be transformed into MIDI messages, taking away the hard work of actually having to translate.