August 1, 2013

New Physical Modeling Synth For iOS

One of the benefits of creating a music app on the iPhone or iPad is that they are built to be accessible.  There are no functions that are difficult to find or use, because otherwise it would not make for a very usable app to begin with.  Another thing that I find interesting about all of these apps is the sense of “play” that has been integrated into a serious program.  Any app for the iOS needs to be engaging from the first time it is even used, so developers put a lot of emphasis in the discovery aspect of the app.

I think that the interesting apps are the ones who use clever ways of creating sound.  Instead of giving you a stock instrument, they allow that instrument to be designed using modeled physics and other simulations.  Anckorage Spring actually uses mechanics of materials and physics to help design new sounds.  By playing around with non-linear integration as well as mass and gravity – sound can be created in a physical sense, as it would be in the real world.  Of course, this isn’t going to boost your understanding of Hooke’s Law, but it will certainly provide you with an entertaining way of experiencing it.