August 1, 2013

Multimedia Synth Jam

I think that deep down we internalize images of what we see around us, for the better or worse.  Our society works by creating symbols; brands and images that we associate with one idea or another.  And when we know what we think is wrong, we can’t help but be compelled to feel the way we are designed to.  At a superficial level, this has to do with the things that we own.  When someone owns a Benz that they drive to work every day, they are telling people that they have to means not only to buy the car, but to maintain it at its high cost.  It says something about them.

The same analogy can be used for musicians and their gear.  A kid off the streets can lay down a nasty lick on any brand of guitar.  He doesn’t need anything more than a Chinese manufactured Fender guitar to do what he needs, but of he also knows that people won’t take him as seriously when his gear isn’t as refined.  DJs get this too, to some extent – but no group seems to have it worse than the producers.  They are constantly judged by the gear that they use rather than the product of it.