August 1, 2013

Add Multi-Touch Expression To Your Existing Keyboard

If you want to know where DJ technology is going to be in the future, you don’t need to look much farther than the standard club mixer to see where it has come from.  Let’s break it down into components rather than actual mixers, since each Brand has their own take on the top tier and budget friendly mixer.   Crossfader technology has changed so much, but few will actually know what is going on inside their mixers when they fade left to right.  Old crossfaders used contact on each side of it to signal the mixer to either cut or channel audio.  While it was direct and worked well, it also got very beat up as a result.

Later mixers put much more focus on performing the same task, but without having to take as much abuse.  Optical faders were the next up on the plate, which used “light” as a method of marking position on a fader.  Then we moved on to capacitance technology, which used sort of an invisible force field to detect where the fader was positioned.  Today, capacitance technology is used in just about everything from smartphones to controllers, and they will most likely be implemented in pianos.