August 2, 2013

The Moody Blues and writing in corners

The story of Moody Blues begins at a young age, as other musician’s tales seem to do a lot.  Kids are born into a family that either has embraced music or as rejected it – but one way or another, the child has accepted the idea that they want to be involved in music for a living.  For many kids, it really depends on where they live.  If your neighbors and relatives are interested in music, then you are much more likely to take it up at a young age.  Even without an instrument or access to an instrument, there is still much that can be done.

Songwriters often begin writing at a young age, maybe around high school and sometimes even younger.  At that point in their lives, these songs are nothing but words on a paper.  It isn’t until they meet the right people that their lives change dramatically.  What is strange about the story of Moody Blues is that some of the songs that he had written as a child stayed with him until he was older.  There was one song in particular that he wrote when he was 17, but didn’t actually get around to performing until he was the age of 40.