August 2, 2013

Tech Headphone Awards

In the year 2013, there is much left out there to be optimized for a DJs booth.  How much more technology can go into creating a pair of headphones?  We are at the point where quality materials are the norm, and the only other option are the rare materials that make headphones cost into the thousands of dollars.  DJs tend to abuse their headphones, so we won’t go that far when pricing out the next set of cans to wear.  Since there are just too many headphones to get a grasp on, it makes more sense to look at the popular selections in each of their own categories.

Top end earphones will make the mark at right around three hundred dollars a pair.  This category is willfully occupied by the likes of Pioneer and Beats.  Someone who is willing to pay this price are in it for the brand and labeling as much as they are the comfort.  In the lower spectrum of what is out there, companies like Reloop, V-Moda, and AIAIAI each have their selections which are much more reasonable for a budget minded consumer.  Their styles are plenty and the quality can be hard to judge unless compared against $1000 alternatives.