August 4, 2013

From Studio to Stage: Moderat

The process of creating a song and mixing it down to a file that can be listened to is a multi-faceted process.  There can be a straight line method to producing music, or there can be deviations in the way – but even a small hiccup is worth noticing.  Production artists are different from live performers.  Some are capable of doing both – but it takes the right kind of gear and the right mindset to make such a thing happen.  When producing in the studio, one man can literally control thousands of instruments and processes at a time.  They can spend days on end just working on one song.  For the same song to be performed live, it might take many men.

In fact, there are just some songs that don’t do well with live performances.  A producer can get on stage and press play; maybe adding some effects and vocals here and there, but for the most part they cannot reconstruct the song from scratch because they lack the instruments and the manpower to do so.  For many producers and production teams, their challenge is exactly this: taking a produced song and performing it live.  The most organic way of doing this is also the hardest way.