August 4, 2013

‘First Music App with Gamification’

Over the years, advances in programming techniques as well as feedback from users has taught the app world what we like and what we don’t like.  When on a desktop computer, we expect to have programs will full functionality and connectivity to any device via our computers.  However, when we are on the go and want to use that same app with our tablets or phones, we don’t want to be bothered with too many details and options – we want it to be easy to use since we are quite limited in our input methods.  Thus, apps are usually developed around the idea of simplicity, or at least watered down so that they aren’t confusing and difficult.

Pandora is an example of an app that basically does most of the work for us.  All the user has to do is worry about stop, play, and skip, which is kind of like back when we had portable CD players with only a few options on them.  Music app developers are always trying to make the program more sociable and user friendly, and so far the best technique has been to make it simple to use.  One strategy is to make the app feel more like a game, or something that we would have fun using.