August 4, 2013

Snoop & Family Get Busy At Overstock.com

Some celebrity endorsements just don’t work, and it is not because using celebrities is a bad idea.  It is because there is no genuine connection between the celebrity, the product, and the audience members.  Remember that ads are usually specific to whatever station you are watching, so if it is the home shopping network then you won’t be seeing advertisements for Budweiser or GMC trucks.  Sometimes the product and the celebrity go together perfectly.  I’ve seen football players endorsing work jeans or tall basketball players claiming how this car is so spacious for their size.  Their acting can be horrible, and it is almost a better idea to have the actor making fun of themselves than trying to be taken seriously.

If you were to endorse Snoop Dogg for a commercial, what kind of products do you think would suit him?  Would you believe that a website that caters to working women and housewives would want to have Snoop Dogg as their celebrity guest?  I can think of no other rapper where this scenario would work.  Snopp Dogg actually has a wife and kids to take care of, so even though he’s a gangster rapper, he is also a family man who takes care of business.