August 4, 2013


Without a doubt, collaborations are important in music making.  It allows two artists to develop their own dynamic relationship that cannot really be recreated unless by the same two people.  Some collaborations are obvious, such as when two Dubstep producers get together to create one song, or when a Dubstep producer recreates another EDM song – maybe a recreation of a drum and bass song.  Other collaborations aren’t as obvious, and are actually quite amazing for this reason.  Take someone like LL Cool J and mix him with a country music singer and you are sure to have something interesting (at worst).

The downside to working with someone else is the reason why it is done so much.  Many artists simply cannot stand on their own two feet, and they need to work with someone well known and successful in order to feel the spotlight.  Rarely is the relationship between the two collaborators equal – there is always a marketable need for it as well.  Sometimes the call to collaboration comes from the top down, where the labels push for the song rather than the artists.  When the entire process becomes money oriented instead of music oriented, it is just asking for a terrible song to be made.