August 9, 2013

The One Launched For Mac OS X

Let’s face it, DVS titles and names aren’t exactly compelling or descriptive of what they actually do, and that is partially because nothing like it has existed before.  Why did Serato call their product Serato?  That name makes me think of a knife that is meant to cut through foods – which is somewhat near the idea of a DJ cutting up samples on a record.  Traktor, in my opinion, is an awful name for a DVS.  Sure, I get where they are coming from; they are tracking the movements on a record and translating them into something that can be understood – but I also picture a tractor in the corn fields shutting out corn to create breakfast cereals with.

New programs for DJs have been introduced with names that are much more appealing to the ears.  “The One” is pretty ballsy for being named like that.  It is as if there are no other options out there for you and this is really the last resort.  In reality, this software tears apart the conventions of regular DJing – allowing you to effectively produce and mix on the fly.  You can actually tear apart pieces of a song to construct something new.