August 9, 2013

Custom Styleflip.com Vestax VCI-400

There was a time when the only respectable color that you could have on your turntables was either Black or Silver.  To get it in either of these colors, you had to buy it in one of these colors.  Technics had both the SL-1200 and the Sl-1210 in black and silver.  This didn’t stop people from customizing their tables as they saw fit.  Some would sticker bomb the tops of their controllers, others would tag them with markers and spray paint.  In the DIY painting world, these tables turned out to be a very good business item.  Some would pay upwards of the actual selling price of their tables to have them customized in a color of their choice.

A custom paint job makes a pretty large statement, since it is not something that is done easily.  Turntables have to be disassembled and even de-soldered in order to get it into a state that is paintable by a professional.  If you do not have the dough to get it custom done (which I recommend), you can opt to buy a semi-custom faceplate.  These skins or plates are now being created for tables, controllers, and even mixers to suit the needs of the user.