August 9, 2013

I Dream Of Wires (The Modular Documentary)

To create a proper documentary of a subject or person, you need substance to fill that documentary.  The great documentaries are known for covering a wide range of subjects while containing interviews from relevant people within that industry.  The most important part of any documentary is the bias or lack of bias that is injected into the message of the film.  One of my favorite documentaries regarding DJs, is the documentary about the history of scratching.  Few understand where and how the art was developed, and even those who are informed are left scratching their heads about the true originators of the first scratch.

Any good interview will have opposing views as well, since not everybody in the industry will agree on what the industry is and where it will be headed.  “I Dream of Wires” is a documentary about modular synthesizers that has been in the making for years – and nobody is really sure when it will be released.  All I can say is that I would rather wait for a finished product than to receive the film before it should be finished.  The editing process is what really makes a movie shine, and I’m sure there are musicians out there who will judge the correctness of the film.